Grosvenor School

Address:1045 Grosvenor Avenue
Other Work:Addition in 1959
Architects:Winnipeg School Division, In-house
Contractors:Louis Ducharme and Associates Ltd. (1959)

More Information

Although this is a small addition, it is both innovative and significant to the altered design of the lovely old Grosvenor School, which opened in 1922. The new gym for the elementary school was placed on the top floor of the addition. Two small rooms made up the space in the plinth with two-thirds of the footprint covered but open for play beneath; it is said to be on stilts, made possible by a frame of structural steel. It is covered in the same red brick as the old school and continues the contrasting stone trim in painted steel, a respectful match with great style. The addition is wider than the old building, pushing out to the street beyond the original setback. Windows at the back to the lane repeat the look from the original building.

Design Characteristics

  • Structural steel frame
  • Red brick; painted steel