Andrew Mynarski V. C. School

Address:1111 Machray Avenue
Other Work:Additions in 1960 and 1965
Architects:Winnipeg School Division, In-house
Contractors:1960 addition, Kraft Construction Co.

More Information

Andrew Mynarski was a gunner who fought during the Second World War, awarded the Victoria Cross for Valour, posthumously, when he saved the life of a fellow airman; the school was simply called by his name for many years until the initials "V. C." were added in 2005 to help citizens under the significance of the school's namesake.

Design Characteristics

  • This is a large middle years school with its older sections reflecting its prominent corner site with an indented right-angled plan that tees up the handsome design on its spacious site
  • Employing a red brick wall surface throughout, the facade is in three main section; the 1954-5 section facing south with two story academic wings, linked to a lower entrance-way that captured the glassed clarity of the period, and a gym block with more classrooms on the south end
  • Other later additions to the rear have produced a U-shape plan as the school responded to changes in curriculum and education philosophy rather than demographics
  • Newer sections on the north end are visible from the street but respected the established scale and did not compromise the original front