Winnipeg Korean Seventh Day Adventist Church

Formerly:Donnelly United Church,
Westridge United Church
Westridge-Windermere United Church
Address:1226 Waller Avenue
Use:Place of worship
Original Use:Place of worship
Constructed:1964 (corner stone 1963)
Architects:Moody Moore and Partners
Firms:Moody Moore and Partners

More Information

A striking assemblage of curving and angular stucco-clad walls, 1226 Waller Avenue was built to house Donnelly United Church. The building's principal designer was Peter Holthausen, then at the firm of Moody Moore and Partners.

Donnelly United Church existed in Winnipeg from 1974 to 2006. The previous name of Donnelly United Church was 'Westridge-Windermere United Church'. The predecessors of Donnelly United were Westridge United Church and Windermere United Church. Both the Windermere and the Westridge churches grew out of the Fort Garry United Church as the community expanded. Both Windermere United Church and Westridge United Church were officially founded in 1959, with each opening and dedicating their permanent church structures in 1963 and 1964, respectively. The congregations of Westridge and Windermere cooperated in a two-point charge in the years leading up to their amalgamation. The official inauguration of the amalgamated congregation took place in January 1974. The Windermere United Church structure, located at Windermere Avenue and Daniel Street, was sold to the Berean Pentecostal Church. The amalgamated congregation moved into the former Westridge United Church structure, located on Waller Avenue and Donnelly Street (formerly Metro Street). In 1975, the name of the 'Westridge-Windermere United Church' was changed to 'Donnelly United Church' in honour of Rev. Walter Donnelly. Donnelly United Church participated with Fort Garry United Church in joint services during the summer months and in shared church initiatives. Donnelly United Church closed in June of 2006.

The church is now the home of Winnipeg Korean Seventh Day Adventist Church. Source: United Church Archives

Significant Dates

  • February 1964, Opening and Dedication of Westridge Church structure
  • 1974, Advent of Donnelly United Church
  • 2006, Church closure, sold to Winnipeg Korean Seventh Day Adventist Church

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Maybank, Fort Garry


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