Norquay School

Address:132 Lusted Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Architects:W. I. Enns (Divisional architect (1970-1971))
Engineers:Weiszman and Associates (Structural)
Mechanical Consultants Western Ltd. (Mechanical)

More Information

Norquay School has been on this site since 1890; that school, celebrating Manitoba Premier John Norquay (1841-1889), burned down and was replaced in 1892; this school received an addition in 1955 which was folded into a new school in 1970.

As Premier Norquay was prominent to the story of Manitoba, so too is this elementary school to Point Douglas, as evidenced by its location near the entrance to the community; it is a nucleus of much education and resource assistance to its constituents.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:North Point Douglas
  • One storey save for the gym block on the northeast corner, the plan is an L shape, with the axis along the east side fragmented from the 1955 addition and the 1970-1 section the larger portion near the street
  • The older section has been altered and resurfaced; the newer section has walls covered with dark brown brick and strongly vertical windows highlighted with white detailing to meet a horizontal band of the same thickness and colour at the roofline
  • The main entry is set into the north side while the crux of the L encloses the small yard; the Norquay Community Club is only a half-block away and has lovely land and fields