Weston School, Winnipeg School Division.

Address:1410 Logan Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Other Work:Additions including 1953 and 1959
Architects:Winnipeg School Division, In-house
Contractors:1948, Genn Walin Co. (possible Glenn Walin)
1953, Universal Contractors Ltd.
1959, Semmler Construction Co.

More Information

Weston elementary school belongs to a class of well-built schools produced by Winnipeg #1 in the late 1940s; readily identifiable by their streamlined facades and entrance tower blocks, these schools were well-built and durable, and each school with their adaptations and variations of the established plan, are time capsules.

Design Characteristics

  • Cost of Construction (1948): $361,365
  • Cost of Construction (1953): $77,677
  • Cost of Construction (1959): $58,902
  • Definitive to the design is the facade across Logan Ave. in a one-story classroom wing set back from and centred around the trademark raised limestone tower, the visual focus detailed with the words 'Weston School' and '1948' carved in the limestone outlined with a running key geometric pattern incised; the transom over the door set here has been filled in
  • The walls are solid red brick that changes to brown in the horizontal space between the broad classroom windows
  • The northwest corner has the auditorium block with the classic piers topped with the dripping limestone detail that appears on every example of this design
  • A six-classroom addition perpendicular to the front along the east side was made in 1953 and continues in a small two-story block from 1959; both of these additions continued the master design and all have retained a good deal of integrity
  • The school appears to be in good condition; a good-sized yard is on the east side and a triangular pocket park just beyond that would also be available for school use