1858 Portage Avenue

Formerly:Park Lawn Chapel
Address:1858 Portage Avenue
Architects:Nikola Zunic
Contractors:Bockstael Limited

More Information

1858 Portage Avenue was opened as Park Lawn Chapel with a ribbon-cutting ceremony in October 1955. Vaunted as "one of the country's most modern funeral homes" the structure's inauguration was attended by the provincial government's minister of health and welfare and St. James Mayor T. B. Findlay. A long, low and horizontally-oriented building, Park Lawn Chapel represents a distinctly modernist take, its a dynamic facade an assemblage of various planar forms and masses and contrasting areas of solid brick and open glazing, including slender strips of clerestory windows.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:St. James
  • Long, low and horizontally-oriented
  • Brick cladding
  • Clerestory windows


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