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Formerly:National Trust Building
Address:250 Portage Avenue
Original Use:Banking hall and offices
Other Work:1967, 1974, 1977, 1989, 1992, Renovations
Architects:Green Blankstein Russell
Contractors:Arlington Builders Limited

More Information

Designed by Green Blankstein and Russell, 250 Portage Avenue was constructed in 1965. Originally programmed as a bank, the structure is now in use by a variety of retail tenants. The previous building on the lot had burned down after a fire in 1953.

The two storey building was constructed with reinforced concrete and designed with modern elements. The use of black granite and contrasting white Canadian marble is considered to be a notable element of the style. The glass curtain wall gives another element of modernism. The curtain also allows for the striking visual effect of a floating roof and columns. The glass used for the exterior is made of an anti glare glass and framed in solar bronze. The entire building is set on a black granite podium, although the entrance sits at street level. The total cost for the building, once constructed, was $700,000.

Design Characteristics

  • Plan area: 7,237 square feet (672.32 square metres)
  • Gross floor area: 20,419 square feet (1,896.93 square metres)
  • The two storey building was constructed using a structure of reinforced concrete
  • Notable modern elements include the use of black granite, white Canadian marble and the use of structural steel and reinforced concrete to allow for the expansive facade of glass curtain walls
  • This modern design and unique combination of materials creates the effect of the striking white marble roof and columns floating above the glass walls of the structure
  • New signage has compromised the original aesthetic


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