Munroe Junior High

Address:405 Munroe Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Architects:Smith Carter Katelnikoff
Smith Carter Searle (1960)
Firms:Smith Carter Katelnikoff, Smith Carter Searle
Contractors:North American Builders

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Munroe West
  • When Melrose School joined Miles Macdonell, all the junior high students came to this new school
  • Munroe Junior High wears its history for all to see: the original section is highlighted as the main entrance even though newer sections dwarf it; all parts of the school are well-kept by the nearby RETSD board offices
  • The 1960 section along Roch St. on the west is three storeys of classrooms with grey finish, while no attempt was made to match a later addition to the rear, faced in a red brick
  • A large banner on the west side of the school proclaims that Munroe is a 'proud to be a UNESCO related school