Robertson School

Address:550 Robertson Street
Original Use:Educational
Other Work:Addition (1953)
Architects:Winnipeg School Division, In-house
Contractors:Genn-Walon Construction Co. (1951-1952)
Peter Leitch Construction Co. (1953)

More Information

Robertson is a medium-size elementary school, named for Scottish historian William Robertson (1721-1793) and, obviously, for its street. Beginning in 1951-2 with 14 classrooms and a modest multi-purpose room, it was quite large by post-war standards.

Design Characteristics

  • This original section stretched far along the street in a one-storey narrow L shape, with large multi-paned windows, red brick walls beneath and on the end and a dramatic recessed entry that makes the front doors look like a proscenium; there is a light pitch to the gabled roof in the centre section
  • This design is spare but not stark and any harshness from the swaths of stucco where windows once were is softened by many foundation planting and two large trees flanking the front doors
  • The 1953 addition of six more classrooms continued the look of the original south wing, but the corner entrance block has lost its charm and its canopy; a portable classroom has been attached beyond here
  • As of Spring 2009, Robertson School is building the large gym that it has always lacked, behind the entrance block
  • The school enjoys a yard that extends to become a park on the west side