Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

Address:59 Academy Road
Architects:Macleod and Reimer

More Information

This 1962 building, the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, replaced an earlier Lutheran church on the same site. Built of brick, glass and Tyndall limestone, the structure is dominated by the tall A-frame of the church’s chapel. Inside the building are stained glass and a pulpit salvaged from the earlier church located here.

Significant Dates

  • Late 1930s, Congregation formed
  • 1937, First building committee formed
  • 1939, Current property purchased from the City of Winnipeg
  • 1940, Enderton caveat lifted from property
  • October 1941, Parsonage built by Fred May
  • 1946, First Church designed by architect John Semmens (construction cost, $60,000)
  • 1957, First Church demolished
  • 1957, Parish Hall constructed
  • 1962-1963, Existing edifice demolished to accommodate the rapidly growing congregation.
  • 1962, Construction begins on present edifice

Design Characteristics

  • A-Frame church, assembled with glulam beams, a reinforced concrete foundation and faced with local rough hewn Tyndall stone
  • The current modern edifice replaced a previous church, fashioned in a Gothic Revival style
  • The interior walls of the church are finished in honey coloured glazed brick
  • Altar of Italian Battachino marble
  • The windows within the sanctuary depict Christ carrying the cup
  • Cost of construction, $175,000
  • Sanctuary seats 460
  • Parish Hall, approximate cost of construction $120,000
  • Parish Hall seats 400


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