St. Mary's Road United Church

Formerly:Regent's Park United Church
Address:613 St. Mary's Road
Architects:Norman Russell (Sanctuary, Christian Education Centre, Hall)
Contractors:Henry E. Gibson and Company Limited

More Information

In the words of Winnipeg architect and writer John W. Graham, at St. Mary's Road United Church (formerly Regent's Park United Church) "narrow slit windows and the lofty slender tower contrast effectively with the simple horizontal mass of the nave."

Significant Dates

  • 1910, Land purchased on corner of Des Meurons and Ellesmere (4 lots), first church erected same year
  • 1924, Church on St. Mary's road built and dedicated (December 26, 1924)
  • 1946-47, First Manse built
  • 1950, Church damaged by flood
  • 1952, Building Council formed, fundraising begins for new church
  • 1953, Vacant lot behind church purchased ($4,000)
  • March 1954, Christian Education Centre construction completed

Design Characteristics

  • Sanctuary: 13,7000 sq/ft
  • Choir gallery 1000 sq/ft
  • Christian Education Centre: 10,000sq/ft
  • Cost of Construction (CEC and Sanctuary): $350,000
  • Sanctuary constructed with steel frame with brick facade
  • Glass by Westmacott Art Glass Studios, Winnipeg
  • Spire is 92 feet tall
  • Interior panelling and furnishings in rift cut red oak
  • Cornerstone laid by Mayor H. S. Paul (member of congregation)


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