Revenue Canada Winnipeg Taxation Centre

Address:66 Stapon Road (at Reenders Drive)
Use:Offices for Government of Canada
Original Use:Offices for Government of Canada
Architects:Number Ten Architectural Group
Landscape Architects:HTFC
Firms:Number Ten Architectural Group,HTFC Planning and Design

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Brutalist elements of this large government complex include the comprehensive use of exposed concrete exterior walls, which lends the structure an appropriate sense of weight. We can also note the repeated use of a simple circular motif in decorative details and windows. This gesture grants the aforementioned cement a level of plasticity which connects it to the general Brutalist embrace of this material and its expressive possibilities. Such an approach is also evident in the use of similar masonry in such landscape architectural elements as a large decorative pool. This move integrates the building and its setting, the latter transformed into part of the Taxation Centre’s all-encompassing material scheme.

Design Characteristics