Fort Garry United Church

Address:800 Point Road
Use:Place of worship
Original Use:Place of worship
Other Work:1947, renovations to existing structure
1948, addition (basement and church hall)
1955, sanctuary constructed
1961, Christian education centre wing added
1961, addition
Architects:Ward Macdonald (1955)
George Stewart (1961)

More Information

The Fort Garry United Church was constructed between the years 1947 and 1961. It evolved, through a series of additions and renovations, in a manner that mirrored the growth of the Fort Garry neighborhood and the new housing development of Wildwood.

In 1947 the existing building was moved to the corner of Lyon Street and Point Road and subsequently renovated and expanded to include a full basement and Church Hall. In 1955 George Stewart designed the Sanctuary addition and the 1947 structure was repurposed for meetings and Christian education. The last addition of a new Christian Education wing, in 1961, was designed by Ward and MacDonald. A consistent use of exterior finish materials (red brick, painted trim), and a relatively similar scale, aims to visually marry each addition, with a large rectangular vestibule connecting both Sanctuary and Hall.

Significant Dates

  • 1922, first church building constructed
  • 1947, church moved 1/2 block to lot on corner of Lyon and Point Road (present location)
  • December 21 1947, first service in new structure
  • 1948, addition (basement and church hall)
  • 1950, flood: church was spared, but basement flooded
  • 1952, Building Committee established
  • January 2 1955, corner stone laid
  • 1961, Christian education Centre wing addition

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Point Road, Fort Garry
  • Nave seats 400
  • Church Hall occupancy, 200


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