806 Kebir Place

Formerly:Snider Residence
Address:806 Kebir Place
Original Use:Residential
Architects:Ken Snider

More Information

This house is an excellent example of mid-century modernist design in Winnipeg. Designed by architect Ken Snider to house himself and his family, 806 Kebir Place makes good use of a small lot. Among the elements of the structure's design that stand out are its flat roof, its elevated exterior deck area (shaded by an eave), and large areas of glass, comprised of ribbon and plate windows. A sun room located on the south side of the building's kitchen provides additional light.

Design Characteristics

Doors:The main entryway is located on the side of the house, raised five steps above grade. On the opposite side of the house is a raised porch with two additional doors.
Roof:Flat roof, no eave
Materials:Stucco, vertical wood siding and wood panel
Size:Single storey
1,144 square feet
Suburb:Crescent Park, Fort Garry
Frontage  Direction:North
  • East side of the house is cantilevered off the foundation
  • Long, narrow, rectangular mass elevated on a concrete foundation
  • Property is 54 feet by 118 feet