Lord Nelson School

Address:820 McPhillips Street
Original Use:Educational
Other Work:An addition in 1948-1950 and others through the years
Architects:Winnipeg School Division, In-house
JD Atchison

More Information

If this were a stand-alone school, it would be a noteworthy tiny modern building, but it is attached to one of the venerable old schools from the early years of the neighbourhood, built in 1917.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Shaughnessy Park
  • It was decided to give a full identity to the new addition and treat it by design like a detached structure and so it has its own formal entrance and signage, its own scale and height but it does key in materials and certain details with the old school
  • To reconcile the floor levels between the two, the link was set at an angle which provided some flair for the new school, which starts high close to the old school with a recessed glass wall that slants down across the facade and behind its sloping gull wing canopy; it is here that the steel frame is revealed and contrasted with the bulk of the masonry next door
  • The school is a simple rectangle running perpendicular to the street on the east side of the old school, containing an initial seven classrooms and a gym
  • Its window strips on either side have been altered and many of the windows removed, but the confident modern style across the front of the building is perfectly intact