Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church

Address:965 Boyd Avenue
Use:Place of worship
Original Use:Place of worship
Other Work:1982, Rectory
Architects:Victor Deneka

More Information

965 Boyd Avenue, known as Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church (as well as Blessed Virgin Mary the Protectress) was designed by architects Victor Deneka and William Ruryk. Over his career Deneka designed several Ukrainian Catholic churches in Manitoba and became known for his fusion of a modern architectural approach with components of traditional Ukrainian ecclesiastical aesthetics. Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic Church well-exemplifies this synthesis. Dating to 1962 the building illustrates the embrace of such modernist details as a flat roof, rectilinear massing, and clean-lined walls with spare detailing, while reimagining traditional basilican forms such as domes and stained glass windows in a contemporary manner. The building serves as a distinctive landmark in its largely residential North End setting, its entry tower spires projecting high above the building’s neighbours. Inset areas of patterned concrete brick lend texture, while a a row of diminutive crosspieces function as a streamlined and modern evocation of a traditional cornice.

As in many classic Eastern European churches, here, inside, what appears outwardly as a somewhat austere building, is revealed to be a richly decorated structure with a compelling array of architectural detail. Among the internal artworks and decorations are: an iconostasis, altars, candelabra and carved wood icon frames designed by parishioner Yuri (George) Buczynsky; work by Theodore Baran a noted mural artist and iconographer; stained glass by Roman Kowal; and an icon of Christ the Teacher by André Prevost. Also held within is an icon of Mary from Ukraine dating to 1912 by Modest Sosenko.

Blessed Virgin Mary Ukrainian Catholic church was the third Ukrainian Catholic church in the North End and traces its origins to 1922. An earlier building at this site was constructed in 1926.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Burrows Central
  • Orange brick cladding
  • Domes
  • Stained glass windows


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