Arnold Koerte

  • 1934–


Arnold Koerte was born and educated in Germany, receiving a diploma in architecture from the Institute of Technology in Munich in 1959. This was followed by work with the office of Gerhard Weber, in Duisburg, Germany for two years. Subsequently Koerte studied architecture at Harvard University, graduating in 1961. While in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Koerte worked with the firms of Sert, Jackson & Gourlay Associates, (1961-62) and The Architects Collaborative (1962-64).

Koerte came to Winnipeg to teach at the University of Manitoba in the later 1960s; he registered with Manitoba Association of Architects (MAA) in 1967. While in Manitoba Koerte authored the work “Toward the Design of Shelter Forms in the North” for the Center for Settlement Studies, published in 1974. Koerte also served on the council of the MAA. Koerte returned to Germany in 1973. He later taught at the Delft University of Technology and authored the 1998 book "Firth of Forth & Firth of Tay."