Environmental Safety Building, University of Manitoba

Address:27 Service Street 1SW
Architects:Corbett Cibinel Architects
Firms:Corbett Cibinel Architects
Tours:Part of the QR Code Tour

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The primary design issues driving this hazardous waste transfer station were safety and emergency response considerations. The seemingly simple structure integrates intrinsically safe electrical systems, a potentially explosive chemical storage area, a walk-in fume hood for bulking chemical waste, security cameras that are web accessible to emergency responders, and low expansion foam and Hi-Fog water mist fire suppression systems.

Corrugated metal spans the roof, sloping downward from south to north to reduce the accumulation of snow on the structure during the winter months. The exterior is clad in Tyndall stone on three sides and corrugated metal on the south. The east and west sides have extensive glazing to bring light into the space, and a small band of clerestory windows are installed below the roof line on the north facade. All of the building components are carefully articulated and highly functional, expressing the efficiency of the overall structure.

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