Southwood Village

Address:Snow Street
Architects:Leslie J. Stechesen
Dennis Wilkinson
Firms:Libling Michener and Associates

More Information

In 1969 the Canadian Housing Design Council National Design Award's booklet described this complex as: "A fine example of a row-housing development. The architects have sought to control the environment by creating an introverted scheme. The siting of the building is quite pleasing and results in some attractive vistas. The relationships of the spaces within the scheme develops considerable interest with the use of a very simple building form. Spaces flow from one to the other, expand, contract, rise and fall. Grading and plant forms are well used. The individual family unit it identifiable. There is variety in the units and they are well planned, with zoned areas that allow for different living styles. There are single, double and split level houses."

Following the construction of the project's underground parking, the site was backfilled, creating a bowl shape. This concave landscape allowed for a series of meandering interior walkways through staggered rows of townhouses. This project was the winner of the Canadian Housing Design Council National Design Award in 1969.

Southwood Village features an extensive interior courtyard space, designed by University of Manitoba professor Dennis Wilkinson. His plan features multiple sculptural works, including an intricate modernist fountain by Wilkinson himself and works by School of Art professor J. Daniel and noted Canadian artist – and then University of Manitoba student – Joe Fafard. The examples by Fafard are noteworthy for their abstraction, diverging from the artist’s later famous representative style, while still bearing his characteristic sense of joy.

Design Characteristics

Developer:Hudson Investments
Suburb:Fort Garry
  • 98 unit townhouse development
  • Underground parking
  • Central green space
  • Public sculpture and fountains installed within the elevated central park

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