Jameswood Alternative School

Address:1 Braintree Crescent
Original Use:Education
Other Work:Large addition in 1967 to the rear
Likely one between original construction date and 1967 on the east side
Architects:Smith Carter Katelnikoff
Ward and Macdonald Associates (1967)
Firms:Smith Carter Katelnikoff
Ward and Macdonald Associates (1967)
Engineers:G. H. Currie, Structural

More Information

Opened as Airview School on Nottingham Crescent, this soon was renamed Jameswood Elementary but is currently an alternative senior high school and adult resource centre.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Jameswood, St. James
  • One and two-storeys high on a wood frame with walls of concrete block and deep red brick facing, the original small 1957 school is obvious on the west side and across the front; its glass block windows were once shaded with louvered shades, but are now substantially filled with stucco, but the many glass block windows are extant on the larger portion on the east side but are painted over in bright white