Christ the King School

Address:12 Lennox Avenue
Original Use:Education
Architects:Green Blankstein Russell

More Information

Founded in 1955 as an adjunct to the parish by the same name, Christ the King elementary school serves a school community from nursery to Grade 8, including a before-and-after school program.

The school faces north onto a side street while the church to which it is attached faces St. Mary's Road, with a lower glassed link between the two buildings.

The earlier section is a two-storey structure in the middle of the complex, with brick end walls and classrooms well lit by large windows on the north and south walls. A more recent addition on the east side holds more classrooms and a large gym with ashed roof.

Alterations to the complex have tied the surfaces and some of the fenestration (arrangement of windows) more closely, but the north facade has retained more of its original elements.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Saint George, St. Vital
  • Stucco cladding
  • Flat roof
  • Modernist design (original sections)

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