Image of Village House complex at 120 Scott Street

Village House

Address:120 Scott Street
Architects:Sputnik Architecture

More Information

Village House is a new contribution to the Osborne Village Streetscape. Built in 2018, where an old Fort Rouge home once stood, Village House is a mixed-use complex with two commercial and six residential units. Mindful of the character of the neighbourhood, Village House is located in two buildings on the site. The design diminished the massing of the project and remained consistent with the scale of its turn-of-the-century neighbours. During the design and construction process, the team at Sputnik Architecture was careful to protect the trees on the property.

The finished product is a thoughtful, modern, and innovative design that fits within the historical context of the Osborne Village neighbourhood. Village House also holds the offices of Sputnik Architecture.

Design Characteristics

  • Two commercial units, six residential units