133 Machray Avenue

Architects:Max Zev Blankstein

More Information

The home was built for Daniel Smith, a Jewish, Russian immigrant who came to Canada sometime between 1906 and 1912. Daniel Smith ran a few different businesses, including D. Smith Scrap Iron in 1932, and D. Smith and Sons, a plumbing fixture company located on Jarvis Avenue. The Smiths had lived at a home at 451 Jarvis Avenue, only a block away from their business, before moving to 133 Machray Avenue. It also appears to have been owned by Daniel Smith's son, Arthur, in 1933, and Max Smith from 1934 – 1939.

From 1953 to 1966, the house was owned by Harry Smith and Ruth Hestrin.

Design Characteristics

Style:Arts and Crafts
  • 1 and 1/2 stories
  • The roofline is unique, consisting of an A-frame facade with a gable style roof that cuts across it
  • Within the larger A-frame is a smaller one set off-centre to the right
  • A smaller A-frame serves as a vestibule, set off-centre to the left form the larger A-frame
  • At the right side of the larger A-frame is an arch that opens to the backyard
  • Within these A-frame are exposed beams
  • A brick staircase extends from the vestibule, widening as it descends, and enclosed by a short wall
  • The front door is enclosed by an arch of patterned brick. Within this arch is another brick arch
  • A charming lantern-shaped light is set above the front door
  • A brick base surrounds the house
  • The house is coated with a cream stucco, contrasting the brown shingles. Along the chimney, gaps are made in the stucco where small asymmetric sections of brick are exposed
  • The first floor features two tall triple-wide windows
  • Decorative shutters are mounted at the side of the two double-wide second storey windows. The shutters are green with grown trim, with split-diamonds cut into each panel. Another small window is mounted between the two double-wide windows
  • At the top of the larger A-frame is a small arched window with wrought iron grating in front
  • At the rear is a two door garage with parapet roof
  • The garage doors are wood, contrasting the white stucco