Northern Sales

Address:135 Lombard Avenue
Use:Office building
Original Use:Office building
Other Work:2010, Renovations by Number Ten Architectural Group
Architects:Charles Faurer
Allan Waisman
Firms:Waisman, Ross and Associates
Contractors:A. A. Akman Construction
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More Information

135 Lombard Avenue was constructed in 1953 and designed by Charles Faurer and Alan Waisman for the international grain company Northern Sales. A fine example of modernist design in Winnipeg, the building is an elegant, well-balanced composition of low, single-storey volumes finished in light-coloured brick and glass. Many aspects of the design echo the form of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s seminal work of early modern architecture, the Barcelona Pavilion of 1928-29.

Northern Sales operated from 135 Lombard Avenue until 2000. Ten years later, in 2010, the building was sold to Sigurdson McFadden Benefits and Pensions / Sigurdson Financial Group, who orchestrated a renovation of the building, conducted by Number Ten Architectural Group.

Design Characteristics

  • Site frontage: 114.7 ft. (34.96 m)
  • Plan area: 4,272 sq. ft. (396.87 sq. m)
  • Gross floor area: 6,155 sq. ft. (571.8 sq. m)
  • Original Plan/Building: Foundation and basement constructed with cast in place reinforced concrete piles, reinforced concrete beams, concrete basement walls, concrete slab basement floor. Superstructure constructed with brick walls, wood frame, wood floor joists covered with western board, sulphite paper and plywood, wood ceiling joists (perhaps reinforced with some steel) covered with shiplap, vapour seal, asphalt, cork insulation and a felt, tar and gravel roof.
  • A feature of 135 Lombard is the 2,000 square foot walled patio/greenspace at the NE corner of property. This area is overlooked from the building's interior by extensive glass openings.


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