Photo of the front entrance to St. George School at 151 St. George Road
Context photo of street side view of St George School at 151 St. George Road
Context photo of St. George School street side view at 151 St. George Road
Photo of side entry to St. George School at 151 St George Road
Detail photo of St George School rear side school yard view at 151 St. George Road
Photo of St. George School rear side elevation at 151 St George Road

St. George School

Address:151 St. George Road
Other Work:1957 addition, Smith Carter Katelnikoff
1961 addition, John Alexander Chivers
1966 renovations, Étienne Gaboury
Architects:Smith Carter Katelnikoff (1955, 1957)
John Chivers (1961)
Étienne Gaboury (1966)

More Information

St. George School was built and designed by Smith Carter Katelnikoff in 1955 to alleviate overcrowding at the nearby Norberry and Fernwood Schools. The original school was erected in two right-angle sections, with additions unraveling beyond these sections in a couple of directions, dimensions, and styles. Additions were made soon after the original construction was final; first in 1957 with the erection of four new classrooms and a four classroom-sized Assembly hall, followed by the construction of more new classrooms in 1961 as designed by John Chivers, and renovations based on designs by Étienne Gaboury in 1966. The school is faced in a medium brown brick with its main entrance is on the west facade, off-centred between two older front sections. The original large window openings remain, but most of the glass block that filled the upper portion has been replaced with blue metal panels. The original window shape, however, exists still on the school's north facade. This north wing opens onto a landscaped and fenced yard. Another larger yard on the east side of the building is shared with City of Winnipeg recreation programs.

St. George School offers schooling to students in Kindergarten to Grade 8. Beyond this, the school offers specialized programming including English as a Second Language (ESL) Education.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Central St. Boniface
  • Built in two right-angle sections
  • Medium brown brick facade with blue metal panels
  • Original windows on north facade
  • Schoolyard to north and east of building, shared with the City of Winnipeg


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