Nelson McIntyre Collegiate

Formerly:Taché School
Norwood Collegiate Institute
N.K. McIntyre Collegiate
Address:188 St. Mary's Road
Other Work:1959 addition
1977 gymnasium addition
1987 restoration
Architects:Smith Carter Katelnikoff (1956)

More Information

Nelson McIntyre Collegiate was designed by Smith Carter Katelnikoff and constructed in 1956. Although embracing the long sleek shape of the modern design of the fifties, much of the original exterior of the school has been covered over and renovated, possibly in response to damages caused by a fire in 1986. The original light brown brick remains in evidence in the lower portion of the facade and on the one-storey south administration wing. The two-storey main entrance also retains its original shape and design. Alterations and additions to the south side and rear, however, did not keep with the materials or design of the original building. The first addition was built in 1959, followed by a new gymnasium in 1977.

Prior to the construction of Nelson McIntyre Collegiate, two different schools were located 188 St. Mary's Road, first Taché School from 1908 to 1927 and then the Norwood Collegiate Institute. The building occupied by these schools was demolished when the construction of Nelson McIntyre Collegiate was completed in 1956. Named after a former Norwood School Board chairman, the school currently offers education for students in Grades 9 to 12. The school's gymnasium, constructed in 1977, is also named for a former administrator of the Norwood School Division, James Downey.

Significant Dates

  • 1986, Fire causes extensive damage

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Norwood West
  • Long sleek shape demonstrates modern design of the fifties
  • Light brown brick on lower portion of the facade and on south administration wing
  • Two-storey main entrance