Osborne Medical Building

Formerly:King's Fellowship
Address:190 Osborne Street North
Use:Church offices
Original Use:Medical clinic and offices
Architects:Kurnarsky & Weinberg
Firms:Kurnarsky & Weinberg
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More Information

Designed by architects Kurnarsky and Weinberg, 190 Osborne Street North was originally programmed as a medical clinic and office building. There have been no significant alterations made to the structure since its construction in 1952.

While the number of medical professionals with offices dropped off dramatically in the 1970s, until then, physicians had exclusively occupied this building. In the late 1990s the building became vacant, and is now occupied by the King’s fellowship, a non-denominational church. Although it is currently a place of worship, the use of the building is part of the medical history of Osborne Street North.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Osborne Village
  • The building measures 59' along Osborne and approximately 70' back (total 4,000 square feet)
  • The single storey structure is 9' 6" tall
  • The architects designed this low set brick and limestone single storey structure with an entrance recessed from the street
  • To provide increased natural light and privacy for the clinic, high set windows run on the north and south elevations