North Panama Block

Address:229 Machray Avenue
Architects:Max Zev Blankstein
Contractors:Morros Korensky & Co

More Information

Max Blankstein's family moved into the Panama Block after his death.The apartment was also the home of Morris Kim of M. Kim Furs. A successful furrier and member of Winnipeg's Jewish community, he would later commission Max Blankstein to design his home at 256 Garfield Street. The block was built at a cost of $70,000.

The design of the buildings has some similarity to the 1915 Rubin Block, located at 270 Morley. The side elevation is divided into two sections joined by ba stairwell and stone carved main entrance.

Design Characteristics

Developer:Morros Korensky & Co
Suburb:St. John's
  • Built above grade
  • Red brick is used for the base, flat arches over the bay windows, and patterned along the vestibule at the front. The majority of the facade is simple brown brick
  • A carved Tyndall stone doorway with decorative quoins is used, with a more elaborate pediment. The doorway connects to a ring of the Tyndall stone that runs around the building
  • The vestibule protrudes away from the building, its form carried through along the first to the third floor, and even above the parapet.
  • Dentiled eaves warp around the roofline.
  • Typical of Max Blankstein designs, small white squares (usually diamonds) are placed along the corners of the parapet.
  • Balconies extend out of the east and west side of the facade for the first through to the third floors.
  • The building has two facades, with a more modest one facing onto Charles Street. Inscribed above the door are the words "North Panama Block"