Buffalo Cap and Neckwear and Patrick's Limited Ghost Signs on building at 250 McDermot Ave.

Buffalo Cap and Neckwear / Patrick's Limited

Address:250 McDermot Avenue
Use:Commercial space
Other Work:1902, addition
Architects:James Cadham

More Information

The east side of 250 McDermot Avenue features two ghost signs, both of which were for tenants over a 25-year span. Buffalo Cap Manufacturing opened its doors in 1927 at the corner of McDermot Avenue and Princess Street and quickly grew to become one of the largest cap and neckwear companies in the city. The 20-person company imported tweeds from England, velours from France and silk from Japan and manufactured the latest styles of headwear.

The company moved to 250 McDermot Avenue in the mid 1930s and became a major manufacturer of military uniforms to support the second world war effort. As the need for hats and scarves diminished over time, the company ceased operations in 1969.

Founded in 1932 by Bert Scharfstein, Patrick’s Limited sold shoes and boots to the public at wholesale prices. They operated out of 222 McDermot Avenue as a footwear discounter until 1957, when the business changed locations and rebranded as Canadian Footwear. The family owned company is still in operation today, with a handful of locations serving the public in Winnipeg and Calgary.


Even though these signs are partially protected by a fresh coat of paint, it does not mean that they can’t be vandalized. Graffiti artists have made their mark on several signs around the area. However, it is more difficult to paint a rooftop ad than one at ground-level, so many of those ads have remained untouched.

Design Characteristics

Style:Romanesque Revival
  • Ghost signs on east wall
  • Base clad in "rock face" ashlar
  • Clay brick exterior with stone accenting