Globe Bedding Company Warehouse

Address:274 Jarvis Avenue
Architects:Max Zev Blankstein
Victor Rubin

More Information

The Globe Bedding Company warehouse was designed by Max Zev Blankstein and built for a cost of $25,000. Globe Bedding Co. was owned by W. Keller and Moses Nathanson, who started operating out of a rented space on King Street at Dufferin Avenue in 1913. The 1918 warehouse was built out of necessity, after their original warehouse burned down. In October 1926, a $40,000 two storey brick extension was added on by Victor Rubin, allowing the warehouse to occupy most of the block. The company grew, buying the Calgary-based Sprung Bedding Company in 1928. The Globe Bedding Company appears to have occupied the space until sometime in the 1960s. On July 22, 2019, history repeated itself, as a fire destroyed the warehouse, including the workspaces of numerous artists.

Design Characteristics

Developer:Globe Bedding Company Warehouse
  • The warehouse was built in two parts, with the original (west) block designed by Max Blankstein at the corner of Jarvis Avenue and Shultz Street. A narrow gap between the two blocks is identifiable along Jarvis Street, with the newer building on the east side
  • The original block consists of a stone base with red brick, built two storeys high, and above grade. Short, detached brick pilasters ran along the top floor, while brick rectangles are formed along the parapet. A small, simple brick arch was formed above the door
  • The addition, designed by Victor Rubin, is consistent with the style of the original block