École Golden Gate Middle School

Address:330 Bruce Avenue
Original Use:Educational
Other Work:Addition in 1960
Architects:Smith Carter Searle Associates
Engineers:W. H. Milley

More Information

This is a large and sprawling middle years dual-track French immersion school that reflects many of the adaptations that schools in the west end have had to undergo to reflect the changing landscape of community education; in particular, fluctuating demographics, curriculum development and the need for second language facilities.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Silver Heights, St. James
  • Golden Gate School was opened in 1959 as a modest facility of 11,800 square feet in a single wing with a diminutive multi-purpose room and a handful of classrooms; shortly thereafter it received its first addition that doubled its capacity and at least two more followed, mainly on the east side.
  • The wall finish of mid-brown brick is employed sparingly in the older sections as most of the original windows fill these walls, along with pale stucco infill.