Christ Apostolic Church

Address:365 Westmount Drive
Constructed:1963 (cornerstone)
Architects:Macleod and Berman

More Information

Christ Apostolic Church, 365 Westmount Drive, designed by Macleod Reimer and Webster, opened on September 8, 1963. Home to the Windsor Park Church of Christ, it was not built “in the conventional church style, but it stands out in the area of Cottonwood Road at the junction of Westmount Drive, where it is located, as an attractive building."

Its’ modernist design uses red tapestry brick finished in a random pattern, and is given verve through such details as curving corners and a swooping, projecting plane along its east side, which was later clad in vinyl siding. The church’s raised concrete foundation is in contrast to its red brick finish. The building conspicuously lacks windows — the exceptions are glazing on the side and rear entrances, which are accented with recessed lighting, and the west-facing skylight at the top of the swooping, projecting plane. The building has a capacity of 170 people; an addition for 80 more people was planned but appears to have never been completed. Of note is the deletion of the planned north-facing curved entrance at the rear in favour of a curved west-facing entrance.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Windsor Park
  • Raised concrete foundation
  • Tapestry brick, finished in random pattern
  • Corners of building are rounded
  • Double height glazing on side and rear entrances (accented with recessed lighting)
  • Modernist design
  • Curved corners
  • Swooping, projecting plane