Voyageur School

Address:37 Voyageur Avenue
Original Use:Education
Architects:Pratt Lindgren Snider and Associate

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Lakewood, St. James
  • This elementary school opened in 1967 and is the same design as the former Bedson School on Bedson Avenue, now Winnipeg Mennonite Elementary
  • It is two storeys tall, built of concrete and steel with a finish all round of limestone and limestone trim
  • The plan is nearly square with abundant windows on all four sides, most recessed in ays with a sloping sill beneath; special attention to the facade produced a canopied entrance approached by a raised staircase with two storeys of glass behind, with a second raised staircase for another front entrance to the east
  • The school was built all at once and has strong integrity to its 1967 period
  • The long hoses off the roof in the photographs are a temporary measure for spring run-off
  • There is a large yard behind with the prescribed play structured