Alekno Block

Address:376 Selkirk Avenue
Addition in 1926
Architects:Max Zev Blankstein

More Information

376 Selkirk Avenue was designed by Max Blankstein for P. J. Alekno to serve as a funeral home. Alenko appears to have been a disreputable man, appearing in court on several occasions for improper burial of a body and defamation. The original block was built for $5,000 in 1913. Further work on the block was continued by Blankstein in 1914, with a building cost of $12,000. At some point in the late 1910s or early 1920s, ownership of the block was given to Manitoba Upholstering Co., which in 1926 hired Max Blankstein to design a renovation of the space for $2,000. The building at that time was identified as a tenement.

The building is currently vacant.

Design Characteristics

  • 33 feet wide, 34 feet long
  • The building's facade is made of red brick with Tyndall stone detailing. Stone is used for the window sills, as well as some detailing along the large arched window at the centre of the second floor. The carved stone arch above the front door is inscribed "1914". The parapet meets in a central stone pediment, upon which the words "Alenko Block" are inscribed. Below are dentilled eaves.