Central Dental Supply Company

Formerly:W.J. Dick Company Limited
Address:381 Cumberland Avenue
Use:Central Dental Supply Company
Other Work:1962, Two storey addition
1973, Renovation
Architects:George A. Stewart
Contractors:Haag Construction

More Information

The Central Dental Supply Company, located at 381 Cumberland Avenue, was designed by architect George A. Stewart and constructed in 1962. The building was originally designed for W. J. Dick and Company Limited, a printer of blueprints and retailer of architectural and engineering equipment, art supplies and sign writers’ materials. Central Dental Supply Company occupied the building in 1982 and have operated here since. Aside from the addition of a second entrance on the west façade, the modern design remains essentially unchanged from its original construction.

Design Characteristics

  • Building dimensions: 113' x 42'
  • The walls are concrete block with brick facing, over a steel skeleton, resting on a concrete slab foundation
  • In the original design the upper floor windows had operable transom glazing at the window’s base, while the ground floor windows had operable glazing in the top portion of the window; they have since been replaced with inoperable sealed units


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