St. Anne's Ukrainian Catholic Church

Address:449 Douglas Avenue
Original Use:Place of worship
Other Work:1985, Addition
Architects:Victor Deneka

More Information

449 Douglas Avenue, known as St. Anne's Catholic Church was designed by architect Victor Deneka. Over his career Deneka designed several Ukrainian Catholic churches in Manitoba and became known for his fusion of a modern architectural approach with components of traditional Ukrainian ecclesiastical aesthetics. St. Anne's Catholic Church exemplifies this synthesis. Dating to 1960 the building illustrates the embrace of such modernist details idiosyncratic roof forms and clean-lined detailing, while reimagining traditional basilican forms such a central spire. The building serves as a distinctive landmark in its River East setting.

Design Characteristics

Suburb:River East
  • Hall addition on west side of church
  • Hall and church clad in rough hewn Tyndall stone
  • Cedar shake roof
  • Steeply pitched, Mansard-style roof over church; flat, broad roof over attached hall
  • East facing transom windows in nave


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