Heritage Elementary School

Address:47 Heritage Boulevard
Original Use:Education
Architects:Pratt Lindgren Snider and Associate

Design Characteristics

Suburb:Heritage Park, St. James
  • A twin to the former Allard School (now the Winnipeg Police Academy), Heritage School is a medium-sized early years facility with some distinctive features
  • Built of concrete and steel, it is a highly compact design which has maintained great integrity; two-storeys high, in a mainly square plan with a gym centred inside and classrooms running along the exterior walls; the school is faced with buff limestone
  • What sets it apart are the raised stairwell hoods which contain large windows and jut well above the roofline in four places, three outward facing and one on the front facing in; as well, the walls and windows are trimmed with raised metal panels, now all painted a soft blue, with accent on the facade picking up the same design emphasis; the front stairwell becomes a tower of sorts and a definitive component in the facade
  • Plain dark-shaded windows in singles and doubles in a rhythmic pattern save the design from being too busy even through all four walls are animated from the ornamentation