706 Day Street

Address:706 Day Street
Use:Calvin Christian Collegiate
Original Use:Transcona Collegiate/Park Circle School
Architects:Green Blankstein Russell
Firms:Green Blankstein Russell
Contractors:Pearson Construction

More Information

Calvin Christian Collegiate is a private high school for students in grades seven to 12; it is the second campus along with Calvin Christian School on 245 Sutton Avenue. Established in 1960, the combined schools have an enrolment of 550 students.

This school is the former Transcona Collegiate (as well as Park Circle School) but was closed by the public school division. The building re-opened as a school in 2002, when Calvin Christian School needed to expand.

Design Characteristics

  • Steel frame with light-brown brick facing
  • L- shaped plan with two storey classroom section and one storey auditorium
  • Reinforced concrete bored piles and reinforced concrete floors
  • Wood roof on structural steel frame