Rose Theatre

Address:801 Sargent Avenue
Architects:Max Zev Blankstein

More Information

The theatre is one of many designed by Max Blankstein for Jacob Miles of Allied Amusements. The theatre was named after the daughter of Nathan Rothstein, the manager of the Rose Theatre.

The theatre had an identical twin in the Plaza Theatre, also owned by Allied Theatres. The Plaza was opened November 23, 1926, while the Rose opened December 9, 1926. The theatre cost $50,000 to build.

Many of the theatre's first employees lived within walking distance.

As of 1931, the storefronts featured Scotty's Barber Shop, and a sign the simply said, "Ladies! Free Silverware".

Design Characteristics

Developer:Allied Amusements
Suburb:West End
  • Typical of many Max Blankstein designs, the theatre features a Mission-Revival style parapet.
  • Different colours and tones of brick are utilized in the facade creating a variety of patterns, notably a diamond pattern which Blankstein used frequently.
  • Two false chimneys run along the facade, creating the impression of three separate blocks. Tall shop windows are featured on opposite sides of the building. Seating was designed to allow for good visibility of the screen from any part of the hall.Special attention was given to the theatre's heating and ventilation systems.
  • The design was duplicated for another Allied Theatres property.The Rose being the second, opened roughly two weeks after its twin, the Plaza Theatre (104 Marion Street).The distinction between the Rose and Plaza theatres are limited: the Plaza features a short glass curtain under its marquee, which the Rose does not. The chimneys appear to be reversed as well, mounted on the right hand side of the Rose's facade, and the left side of the Plaza's. Although the marquee was removed a long time ago, small covers at the top of the braces are still visible, and are shaped as decorative roses.