Akman Construction


Akman Construction was established in 1912 by Aaron Akman who immigrated to Canada from Russia. Akman, a certified carpenter, started the company by constructing single family homes, primarily in the North End of Winnipeg. Beginning in the 1930s, Akman Construction developed some of the first apartment buildings on Broadway, including The Drake Apartments, The Nelson Apartments, The Tweedsmuir Apartments, and The Townhouse, where the firm's head offices are located.

In 1942 Akman’s son Abram, known as Lefty, joined the company. By this time, Akman Construction was playing a vital role in developing downtown Winnipeg. Over the next few decades, Akman Construction specialized in residential construction. The firm built homes in River Heights and in West Kildonan, where the family lived. The 1950s saw the construction of the Hampton House on Wellington Crescent, which was the first apartment in a series of five. The second and third Hampton apartment buildings were also constructed on Wellington Crescent: Hampton Green in 1970 and Hampton Park in 1983. Akman Construction then turned to Tuxedo Avenue to develop Hampton IV in 1985, followed by Hampton South shortly after. The Hampton apartments were known as some of Winnipeg’s most luxurious apartments.

By the mid 1970s, Akman Construction was comprised of three divisions: Development, Construction, and Property Management. At this time, all three of Lefty’s sons were working for the company, each in charge of a division with Lefty overseeing all aspects of the business. By the mid-1980s, the company was managing 750 apartments and 300 condos in addition to various industrial buildings and suburban malls.

Recent projects by Akman Construction include: Red River College on Princess Street in 2004; the major historical restoration of Wesley Hall in 2007; rehabilitation of 333 Broadway for Workers' Compensation Board; and, the CN Campus, which opened in 2014.


  • The Drake, 270 Broadway
  • The Nelson, 250 Broadway
  • The Tweedsmuir, 301 Broadway
  • The Townhouse, 346 Broadway
  • Hampton House, 333 Wellington Crescent, 1953
  • Hampton Green, 323 Wellington Crescent, 1970
  • Hampton Park, 1983
  • Garden City Shopping Centre
  • Hampton IV, 160 Tuxedo, 1985
  • Hampton South, 180 Tuxedo, 1986
  • 1800 Wellington Crescent
  • The Asper Jewish Community Campus, 123 Doncaster
  • Red River College on Princess Street, 164 Princess Street
  • Wesley Hall, historical renovation, 515 Portage Ave
  • CN Campus, 640 Pandora
  • 333 Broadway rehabilitation


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