Ben Hashimoto

  • Ben Hashimoto Builders
  • Member, Winnipeg Home Builders Association, Member, Winnipeg Real Estate Board


Ben Hashimoto lived in Mission City, British Columbia, and later in Arnauld and Winnipeg, Manitoba. His brother, Hiro Hashimoto, of Hashimoto Construction Limited became a notable builder in Winnipeg.

Ben Hashimoto was the founder of Ben Hashimoto Builders, which developed tract housing in Winnipeg's Westwood Development during the late 1960s. An example of a Ben Hashimoto home would be the house at 7520 Roblin Boulevard, Winnipeg, a tasteful bungalow.

Ben Hashimoto homes were typically small, nicely designed, and well built. He was a member of the Winnipeg Home Builders Association.

Ben Hashimoto passed away November 2nd, 1993.


  • Westwood
  • 7520 Roblin Boulevard