Boyle Francis Schaeffer

  • Schaeffer Plumton and Nipper
  • 1928–2009


Boyle Francis Schaeffer was born November 6, 1928 in Ganonaque, Ontario, to parents Joseph Schaeffer and Mary Kathleen Boyle. Schaeffer lived his early life in Regina, Saskatchewan, where he attended Holy Rosary Elementary School and Campion College High School. Schaeffer moved to Winnipeg to study architecture at the University of Manitoba, from which he graduated in 1953. This was followed by one year of post-graduate work in Department of City Planning. Schaeffer subsequently obtained a Master's of Architecture (also from the University of Manitoba) in 1954.

Schaeffer spent four years after this period working in Palo Alto, California, for a number of planning and architectural firms. Thereafter he returned to Winnipeg, where he started his own architectural practice in 1960. When starting out, Schaeffer dreamed long and planned his retirement to take place in 2010.

Among his buildings in Winnipeg are the modernist B' nay Abraham Synagogue (1958), the expressive St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church (1971), and the late modern Army, Navy & Air Force Veterans Club (1972). Over his career, Schaeffer worked from various office locations in Winnipeg, starting out downtown, on Hargrave Street, later working from a location in St. Norbert. For some years Schaeffer worked in partnership with the firm Schaefer Plumton and Nipper.

Outside of his architectural practice, Schaeffer was an all-around athlete who excelled in hockey in his younger years. He played basketball for the University of Manitoba for three years, as well as a number of city teams. He was also an avid tennis player, ranking as high as number three in Manitoba. In addition, Schaeffer was a founding member of the Knights of Columbus (Chapter 5808), as well as a longtime member of the Winnipeg Kiwanis Club. He was founding shareholder in the Unicity (Taylor Tennis Club), and a member of the Manitoba Tennis and Tennis Patron's Association. He also loved Thoroughbred Horse Racing and owned several horses through out his life, including the 1987 Winnipeg Futurity Winner and Champion two year-old Colt Black No Sugar.

Schaeffer passed away 12 April 2009.