Bryce Hall, University of Winnipeg

Address:515 Portage Avenue
Use:Offices and chapel
Original Use:Theology and general library building
Constructed:1950 –1951
Architects:J. N. Semmens
Contractors:Wallace & Akins Ltd.
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More Information

Constructed as part of the expanding United College Campus, Bryce Hall is a modest two-storey building located on the east side of the campus, fronting on Balmoral Street. It is connected to Wesley Hall by a skywalk. Built by United College as a library and theological building, the structure remains in use as part of the University of Winnipeg campus.

The Hall retains a chapel with a number of historically-significant stained glass windows. Originally installed in Wesley Hall, the windows were designed by Henry Holiday, a renowned Pre-Raphaelite artist who worked with William Morris at Morris & Co. in London, England.

The exterior facade is constructed with buff and bluish-grey limestone facings, trim and ornamentation, with some ornamental ironwork. Bryce Hall’s design is relatively restrained and notably more modern in comparison with the older Wesley Hall.

Design Characteristics

  • Building floorplate: 185 X 54 feet
  • Reinforced concrete frame
  • Exterior is cut buff and blue-grey Tyndall limestone
  • Some ornamental ironwork
  • Reading Room: wood trim and marble and tile fireplace
  • Chapel: stained glass windows by Henry Holiday, England


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