Cargill Building

Address:240 Graham Avenue
Original Use:Commercial
Other Work:2009, 2011
Architects:Cooper Rankin Architects
Contractors:Dominion Construction Ltd.

More Information

Constructed to serve as the headquarters for the Cargill Grain Company, this eight storey office block was built at a cost of 14 million dollars. The building is constructed of reinforced concrete, with a rough cast concrete exterior.

At the time of construction the Cargill building was designed to be extremely energy efficient and featured triple-pane bronze-tinted glazing and low heat gain lighting.

The Cargill building features two indoor walkway tunnels that connect to Winnipeg's Skywalk system, both tunnels were built in 1989-1990.

Design Characteristics

Size:8 stories
174,000 square feet
  • Cost of construction: $14,000,000
  • Connected to Winnipeg's indoor walkway system