Crosier Kilgour


Arnold Crosier’s first work as an independent businessman was to design a fence around a Winnipeg drive-in theatre. From these small beginnings, Crosier went on to establish a company which would have a leading role in the Winnipeg construction world. In 1954 Crosier began the Winnipeg structural engineering firm of T. A. Crosier and Associates.

By 1958 Crosier had added two partners to this enterprise, Paul Krauss and Allan W. Greenberg, to become Crosier, Krauss and Greenberg Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers. Within a decade the partnership – under the name of Crosier Greenberg and Partner – had a staff of over thirty and was responsible for such projects as a 1966, $2.5 million, 22-storey apartment block in Minneapolis and was involved in projects as far away as Pakistan. Beyond structural engineering, the firm also participated in the design and development of condominium housing.

In 1976 Crosier and David Kilgour announced the renaming of this enterprise to become Crosier Kilgour & Partners. Since then the firm has earned a reputation for detailed structural engineering, construction inspection and supervision, building assessment, envelope investigations and remediation. Crosier Kilgour & Partners is presently composed of a team of eleven senior partners with eleven professional engineers and twenty-four licensed technologists. On average the company has recently been responsible for 1,300 jobs per year. Among the major Winnipeg projects to which Crosier Kilgour has contributed its expertise are the Investors Group Headquarters Building (447 Portage Avenue, 1987), The Forks (1987-1990), Shaw Park (1 Portage Avenue East, 1999), MTS Centre (300 Portage Avenue, 2004), the recladding of the Winnipeg Convention Centre (375 York Avenue), Manitoba Hydro Place (360 Portage Avenue, 2009), Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (9071 Wellington Avenue, 2011) and the renovation of Winnipeg’s Millennium Library (251 Donald Street, 2005). For the latter assignment the firm won a 2006 Keystone Award for the most outstanding engineering project completed in Manitoba. Recently, Crosier Kilgour has also been involved in transforming architect Antoine Predock's intricate design for the Canadian into built reality.


  • Investors Group Headquarters Building, Winnipeg, 1987
  • The Forks, Winnipeg, 1987-1990
  • Shaw Park, 1 Portage Avenue East, Winnipeg, 1999
  • MTS Centre, 300 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, 2004
  • Winnipeg Convention Centre reclad, 375 York Avenue, Winnipeg
  • Winnipeg Millennium Library, 251 Donald Street, Winnipeg, 2005
  • Manitoba Hydro Place, 360 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg, 2009
  • Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, 9071 Wellington Avenue, 2011
  • Investor’s Group Field, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, 2013


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