Places + Spaces: Winnipeg

Directed by Noam Gonick
Winnipeg Architecture Foundation


Places + Spaces: Winnipeg is a series of vignettes that reveal some of the city’s most iconic buildings and communities. Stunning visuals and fascinating backstories showcase housing projects, libraries, places of worship, historic banks, skyscrapers and civic buildings, highlighting the city’s architecture and design.

Episode 1 – This Is Where We Live

A look at the inspiration and intent behind three iconic Winnipeg neighbourhoods: Wildwood Park, Willow Park, and Windsor Park.

Episode 2 – Sacred Spaces

Places of worship and spiritual practice seek to communicate a divine message. In this episode three of the city’s spiritual spaces are explored.

Episode 3 – Reading Design

What is a library? This episode offers a thoughtful look at the purpose of libraries as it profiles three of Winnipeg’s most distinctive.

Episode 4 – Crack the Sky

Winnipeg’s interest in skyscrapers dates back to 1912, while today our city is home to the most energy-efficient office tower in North America.

Episode 5 – Temples of Trade

Main Street houses the best preserved early twentieth century banking district in Canada—here’s three of the most impressive structures.

Episode 6 – Civic Plan: ’60s Modernism

Intended to revitalize Main Street, the Centennial Concert Hall, City Hall, Manitoba Theatre Centre and Manitoba Museum framed a vision for Winnipeg’s future.


Directed by Noam Gonick. Hosted by Hayden Mushinski. Written by Hayden Mushinski and Noam Gonick. Produced by Leslie Stafford and Brendon Sawatzky. Cinematography by Tyler Funk. Drone operated by Jason Funk. Edited by Jonathan Phú Son Lê. Original music by City Hunter.

A Blue Prairie Production. Produced in collaboration with Fibe TV1 and the Winnipeg Architecture Foundation. Produced with the participation of Manitoba Film & Music, the Government of Manitoba – Manitoba Film and Video Tax, the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit, the Manitoba Real Estate Association, Michael Nesbitt, and the Exchange District BIZ.