Esplanade Riel,

Address:Esplanade Riel
Use:Pedestrian Bridge and Restaurant
Architects:Étienne Gaboury
Engineers:Colin Douglas Stewart, Wardrop Engineering Winnipeg

More Information

Named in honour of Louis Riel, Esplanade Riel spans Winnipeg's Red River, connecting the downtown with the district of St. Boniface. Constructed in 2003, the structure is cable-stayed from a single, transversely inclined pylon rising 57 metres above the river below. The bridge deck, seven metres wide, cantilevers from this point, 110 m in one direction and 87 m in the other. A historical diorama can be viewed from the deck, along the elevation of the neighbouring four-lane Provencher Bridge.

Unique features of the pedestrian bridge include an architectural composite tower that is prestressed with a cantilevered and stayed semi-circular plaza area at the base of the tower. This plaza provides space for commercial activities and accommodates a restaurant.

Design Characteristics

  • Side-spar cable-stayed bridge
  • The only bridge with a restaurant in North America
  • Total length: 197 m
  • Width: 7 m
  • Height: 57 m (to top of pylon) above the bridge deck
  • Approx. 11 m from water below (fluctuates depending on the river's water level)
  • Cable stays are 10 m apart
  • Outer diameter of stay cables: 125-140 mm
  • Length of cable stays vary from 37.5 m to 107.1 m

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