George Sasaki


George Sasaki was a Winnipeg-based sign painter. During the Second World War, the Sasakis were subjected to Canada’s anti-Japanese laws, having their property confiscated. They were also forced to relocate away from Canada’s west coast. Rather than live in an internment camp in the British Columbia or Alberta interior, they opted to work as low-wage labour on a sugar beet farm in Letellier, Manitoba. Although the work was hard, and the living conditions poor, the decision allowed the family to stay together. The family moved into Winnipeg in 1948, and George worked as a sign painter. Notably, he worked for PepsiCo, painting brand logos on the delivery trucks.

George Sasaki is the father of Winnipeg-based interior designer Sandra Sasaki, and artist Rod Sasaki. He is also the brother-in-law of Henry “Hank” Takatsu, a draftsperson for Pratt Lindgren Snider Tomcej and Associates, and brother in law of Freddy Matsuo, a draftsperson for Smith Carter and Associates.