Haag Homes Limited


Led by contractor A.W. Haag, Haag Homes Ltd., played a significant role in development in Winnipeg’s post-war years. In the late 1940s and early 1950s, Haag built at least 200 homes in the Riverview area, as well as a two-storey home at 1226 Wellington Crescent. In the mid-1960s Haag led the development of the Berkshire Park area, employing architect Étienne Gaboury to design the area's duplexes, which alternate in plan across the six-street site. In 1950 A.W. Haag served as a director on the National House Builders' Association Inc.


  • 1226 Wellington Crescent, 1950-51
  • Berkshire Park neighbourhood, 1963-65