John Alexander Chivers

  • 1909–2004


John Chivers passed away peacefully Jan. 19, 2004 at his retirement residence in White Rock, BC, with his dear friend Jose Curtis at his side. Born August 10, 1909 in Winnipeg, Chivers had a full and satisfying 94 1/2 years. He graduated in Architecture (U of Manitoba) in 1931, and (except for three years of service overseas with the Royal Canadian Engineers in Italy and Holland) practiced most of his working life in Winnipeg. Late in his career he took up restoration work. Lower Fort Garry, MacDonald House (Dalnavert), for which he received an award, Hecla Island, and buildings at St. Norbert Heritage Park were projects he very much enjoyed. In 1979, he retired and moved to Mill Bay, BC, with his wife Alberta (Lerta) Attwood, who he had married in 1936.He died at White Rock, British Columbia on 19 January 2004


  • Canadian Wheat Board, 423 Main Street,1928
  • Former General Electric Building, 265 Notre Dame, 1930
  • Pavilion, Assiniboine Park, 1930
  • Winnipeg Canoe Club, 1954
  • Charleswood Collegiate,1955
  • 274 Smith Street, 1958